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Halászbástya event boat

beautiful interiors and spacious outdoor terraces

About the boat

One of the youngest members of our fleet is Fisherman’s Bastion, with beautiful interiors and spacious outdoor terraces. Ideal for transfer, excursion, memorable weddings, gala dinner or family celebration. On the lower deck you can find a large, contiguous room for your guests, in which in which mahogany surfaces and elegant brass frames dominate. Her upper deck is special as well, covered with a sheet that can be removed in good weather. If you want spacious rooms and panoramic views, you must take a walk on the deck.

Technical Specification

Deck: 2

Capacity: 130

For sightseeing cruises: 80

  • Seated reception: 52
  • Buffet: 52
  • Reception: 80

Technical equipment:  CD player, Mp3, mic, air-conditioning, heating

Panorama Deck Fleet

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