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Pannónia event boat

Intimate atmosphere

About the boat

One of the smallest members of the fleet has been recently restored to its original condition. The specific sound of its diesel engine makes this 87-year-old ship unique. Intimate atmosphere and excellent cuisine will ensure that the event will be unforgettable. The romantic environment makes the Pannonia a permanent home for events of the highest standard. Specialities await you everywhere: the bottom deck features a
comfortable leather suite, on the upper level the four seasons greet you from the custom built stained glass ceiling. Enjoy the unique experience of cruising with your guests
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Technical specification

Built: 1927

Deck: 2

Capacity: 40

For sightseeing cruises: 30

  • Seated reception: 22

Technical equipment:

CD player, Mp3, mic, air-conditioning, heating, kitchen on board

Panorama Deck Fleet

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