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Event ship fleet on te Danube

Attila event boat

the elegance of nineteenth century

Hableány event boat

spacious terraces and panorama decks

Halászbástya event boat

beautiful interiors and spacious outdoor terraces

Katalin event boat

From the nearly 90 years old Saar-river

Lágymányos cruising ship

glides as an arrow on the waters of the Danube

Lánchíd event boat

fully opened upper deck with a 360 degree panorama

Millenium I. event boat

Elegance of a yacht

Millenium II. event boat

Elegance and modernism

Pannónia event boat

Intimate atmosphere

Pest-Buda event boat

Suitable for larger groups

Szentendre event boat

The number one favorite for event organizers

Tabán event boat

cruising on the Danube in a contemporary setting

Event boat fleet

Choose from our boats based on size, capacity or available services. Various boats are recommended for different types of events

Event boat crew

Our crew is at your disposal for any event. The  whole event followed by a dedicated event organizer.

Optional services

We are deliver you the appropriate services for cruises, multi-day conferences, weddings.

We love cruising specials

New Year's Eve Boat Party in Budapest - We love Cruising Budapest 2019

Overview Yellow lights of the city all around, good music, drink and food on board!

Pannónia Gastro Boat

All night long gourmet experience in elegant setting, slow-food meals and award winning wines

Európa Boat

The Danube’s biggest event boat for corporate parties, family events, conferences, wedding receptions.

Vén Hajó Restaurant

We await you with legendary meals on the one-hundred-year old Kossuth Museum Boat every day of the week